A valley of vinyards, castles
cherry and olive groves

The Villa di Cazzano is a perfect starting point  to visit local areas full of tradition
and extraordinary beauty .
Located at the foot of the ancient vestiges of Illasi Castle among the cherry groves
and vinyards of Soave and Valpolicella.
A valley ,where in spring  the ephimeral beauty of the cherry blossoms can be admired.
The hills rise towards  Lessinia natural park affording marvellous vistas.
The intense perfume of the olive and grape harvest ushers in Autumn in all its splendor.

the Region

The area in and around Villa Cazzano offers a special experience for those who love trekking or who enjoy leisurely walks in beautiful countryside.
Cyclists and mountain  bikers can enjoy cycling routes through the countryside, hills and mountains.
Food lovers can savour the local cuisine and appreciate the vast selection of cheese, fruit, vegetables, soppressa and world renowned wines like Amarone, Valpolicella, Durello and Soave.

The Events